Learn about everything about ACCUs

What is Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)?

Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) are a financial instrument awarded to eligible energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and carbon sequestration projects that result in a reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

One ACCU represents the avoidance or removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) GHG.

What value is an ACCU to me?

ACCUs are a financial product that can reduce the total capital expenditure for your emissions reduction project.
ACCUs are traded or sold on the national environmental commodity market, to organisations looking to offset their carbon footprint or meet emissions reduction obligations.
ACCUs are also purchased by the Federal and State Government in a commitment to decarbonise Australia’s economy through emission reduction projects like yours.

Is my project eligible for ACCUS?

Projects expected to improve energy efficiency, generate renewable energy, and sequester GHG emissions through avoided release, capture, and treatment processes are generally eligible to create ACCUs.

Projects must also fulfill three criteria:

Newness: projects must not have started or surpassed preliminary development stages;
Additionality: projects must not be undertaken in response to a mandatory obligation or receiving incentive from any other scheme or administration, and;
Audit & Compliance : projects must be undertaken in accordance with methodology requirements and reported to the regulator accompanied with registered Greenhouse and Energy auditor compliance reports.

How do I receive ACCUs?

Eligible projects claim ACCUs through the Federal Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). The ERF is the only national scheme offering technology-agnostic emissions reduction incentives. Secure the maximum return possible for your project with our complete ACCUs management services. Guiding you through all of the requirements of the ERF Scheme.With a wide variety of clients, ranging from bespoke large single sites to smaller aggregated projects, we have a service offering to suit your project.

ACCUs Trading Services

Demand for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) continues to surge domestically. To date, carbon credits trades in Australia typically involve the purchaser and seller entering into carbon credit offtake agreements, which can entail complexity and cost. Equipoised Group now offers a carbon trading platform that businesses could engage with to purchase or sell credits and meet their emissions reductions commitments. We allow opportunities to increase ease of trade, expand price transparency, reduce barriers to entry, and facilitate more businesses participating in carbon markets. Talk to our team for your needs on credible, valid, local carbon credits.

Why work with us?

Friendly and knowledgeable: In the areas of energy, biodiversity, property value, and navigating the markets for environmental certificates, we provide our clients with dependable guidance.

Flexibility: We can discuss custom solutions and business practices that work for you as part of our business’s mission to help you succeed.

Innovation: For our clients, we are driven to find long-term revenue sources.

Trustworthy and Adaptable: You can simply pick up the phone to speak with a team member to resolve a compliance or paperwork issue.

Solutions-focused: We have no interest in making it more difficult than necessary for clients to acquire funds or erect obstacles in the way of them achieving their goals. Our strategy entails translating, streamlining, and specializing needs.

The ACCU Process

1. Assessment, Viability & Quoting

Our specialist team will assist you in assessing the project to establish viability, and provide certificate outcomes based on the calculated savings.

2. Project Implementation

As the project is implemented, certain information is collected by the installation team necessary to creating ACCUs.

3. ACCU Creation

Application requirements are collected, assessed and processed by Ecovantage’s dedicated Compliance team.

4. Monetisation

The ACCUs generated may be credited toward the project costs to reduce the capital outlay required for the project.